Consultancy Services

With many years experience in business planning, sales support, customer services, warehousing & Logistics and general management and administration we are ideally placed to help you review your business infrastructure.

Whether you need to conduct a future mapping exercise to facilitate your business planning or just kick the tyres on a critical process to ensure it is up to specification we can provide the right support.

We can provide you with consultation on individual processes or departments and give you an objective, unbiased and constructive view. We can help you conduct an audit of processes, write a report on their effectiveness and make recommendations for improvements.

We like talking about business so please contact us if you would like a free, no obligation, 2 hour consultation (not a sales person in sight!). The format would be up to 1 hour face to face discussions and in the remaining time we will create a brief report on suggested next steps. We are confident that we can add value to your business development process but if you decide the actions we have recommended are not for you we will wish you well and be on our way.