Marketing Funds Management

Do you provide funding to your resellers or distributors?

Is the administration taking up too much valuable sales and marketing resource?

You tell us the rules you want to work by and we can create a process by which your staff will only be presented with claims ready for a business decision without them having to worry about chasing up all the supporting documentation. Our web based solution can help reduce administration time by a massive 75%!

The requirements for fiscal compliance and the simple need to know what how your marketing dollars are being spent can make managing your co-operative marketing fund a complex and labour intensive task.

Constant Solutions will simplify the process, free your internal resources, improve management control and provide accurate, real time reporting.

Our complete solution will save you, and your customers, time and money both in terms of administrative overhead and effectiveness of marketing funds usage.

Cost Efficient Process Flow

* Maximise the efficiency of expensive sales & marketing personnel by releasing them from routine administration.

* Pre-validation of submissions against rules you define so that staff only spend time on items that are ready to move forward.

* Targeted automated notifications and warnings at key points in the process alert relevant people (customers or staff) of actions required.

* Customised to match and integrate with your business processes.

Accessible and Available

* Web based interface means accessible wherever and whenever you have access to the internet.

* Available 24/7

* Perfect for mobile users.

* Information updated in real time so absolute latest position always available.

* Multi-lingual version available.

Time Saving

* Paperless - no waiting for illegible faxes or hard copies to arrive in the post.

* Supporting documentation stored online automatically filed with relevant item. No manual filing!

* Easy to audit. All documentation in one place with clear history of approval points.

Complete control and versatile reporting

* Simple access control - login defines what a user can see or do.

* Multiple approval levels - design the authorization process your business needs. E.G. 2nd, 3rd or Nth approval required if a transaction is over a specified value.

* Easy to maintain separation of duties and integrity of approval process whilst still providing access to information for additional users.

* Specify how you would like items categorised for reporting purposes.

* Easy analysis of funds usage with a versatile range of reports.

* Export reports directly to excel spreadsheets.

Simply The Best

Many years experience of managing co-op marketing expenditure have contributed in developing a solution that really works at every stage in the process. Whether you are a marketing operative receiving the initial request for funds, the accounts department auditing how it was all spent or are involved in any of the approval points in between, this solution delivers!

The web based interface is easy to use and is welcomed by users who are able to implement it with minimal training. Constant Solutions will ensure that everybody knows how to use the system so that your staff are focused on their critical business issues, and not on essential but time consuming administration.